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Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography is everything you need to get started in the world of Studio Lighting. This DVD was written and hosted by Mark Wallace. Mark is known for his easy to understand teaching style and ability to take concepts and put them into practical use.

The DVD set is packed with content. Topics include:

  • Direction of light
  • Understanding shadows
  • Properties of light
  • Equipment Essentials
  • Light modifiers, grip and expendables
  • Understanding the 3-light setup
  • Metering techniques
  • Color theory
  • Setting your white balance
  • Color management and calibration

The DVD includes over 20 lighting setups. Mark walks you through each lighting setup and then shows you the results from his camera. Setups include:

  • Simple headshots
  • Fashion
  • Glamour
  • Beauty
  • Portraits
  • Lighting for high contrast black and white
  • One-light setups for small studios
  • Advanced setups for large studios

Bonus Content:

  • Using the X-Rite Color Checker Passport to get perfectly calibrated color – every time.
  • Dragging the shutter
  • Understanding flash duration and refresh rates
2 DVD set: $150
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